Amplecap Beta, Task Domains, subscription upgrades, account/note deletions and more

Hey gang! Fun times at Amplenote, as we've seen our base of paying subscribers double over the past couple months...yeee haw! 🤠 To keep the magic alive, here's a taste of what we've gotten into over the last couple weeks.

link📸 Amplecap Beta submitted for public release

This morning we submitted our Amplecap Beta web clipper extension for approval by Google in the Chrome Store!

Amplecap Beta now awaiting approval for public release

Here's how the extension looks after it's installed & opened:

Amplecap beta: featuring five capture modes and three capture destinations

We're not sure how long it takes Google to approve extensions. Hopefully in the next couple business days?

You can keep an eye on the extension here. But do note, ⚠️ until the extension title says "Amplecap Beta," you'll be getting our legacy web clipper at that URL ⚠️ As of blog publish time, the link still goes to our legacy extension. This might continue to be the case for a few days.

Once the name updates to "Amplecap Beta," that's what you're after. We'll make an announcement at Twitter once it gets the green light. As is apparent by its "beta" label, the extension is new and there will be imperfections. But on the whole we've found it pretty apt at quickly capturing all sorts of different web content. Drop us a line with your feedback about Amplecap over on reddit?

link🗓️ Task Domains: Stepping stone to calendar debut

Progress is well underway for the debut of Amplenote's Calendar View mode. Those subscribed at the Founder level will probably get early access to calendar sometime in the coming month (!).

A big step toward our improved mapping of tasks to calendar is the concept of "Task Domains." You can now find them live under Account settings -> Task calendar.

Setting up a Task Domain for "Work" tasks

Currently you can define up to three different Task Domains. Each domain allows you to bundle together tags, notes, and calendar accounts of your choosing. Since many people keep separate calendars for separate parts of their life, Task Domains create an avenue for you to map certain calendars to certain categories of tasks. The tasks that get synced to your calendar(s) are defined by whatever tasks reside in the "Notes" or "Tags" you selected for the Task Domain.

By default, all tasks are exported to calendars as "private," meaning that the details of the task won't show to people who you've shared your calendar with, unless those people have been setup to see events you've marked as "private". The events will show as "Busy" when viewed by others, and will show with the details of your Amplenote task when viewed by you.

link💸 Subscription upgrades

Perhaps the most common inquiry we've received at support has been around subscription upgrades. Until now, upgrades were a complicated affair. Now, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time without emailing support. Visit Account Settings -> Subscription and click "Update Subscription." Or, if you're logged in, you can click this link to see upgrade options. This will let you to choose a new plan to move to:

Clicking the "Update subscription" when logged in with an existing subscription will show something like this

The follow up page depends on the circumstances of how your subscription was initially created. If the subscription was started via the iOS or Android, we can't directly control those subscriptions at this time. We provide links to the app stores to manage your subscription there. For subscriptions upgrading to a higher level, we can usually offer the option to switch between annual/monthly billing. We can't currently offer an option to switch to monthly when it would result in a negative balance from the pro-rated sum of your previous payment. You can still email if the option you're after isn't yet available in the automated upgrade/downgrade flow.

Some of the subscription updates offer the option to get a pro-rated refund of the past payment made. We'll provide you the details and a link to email to get these expediently processed when applicable.

link🗑️ "Delete my account" and "Delete all notes"

These automate a couple other somewhat common requests that people would email us about. To destroy an account and initiate the removal of all content from Amplenote servers, you can use the new "Delete my account" button available under Account settings -> Account & password (currently the default tab shown after clicking "Account settings"):

Permanently deleting all account data/attachments from Amplenote. Use with care!

The adjacent "Delete all notes" button allows a user to keep their Amplenote account open, but to delete all of the notes that had been associated with their account.

link👩‍🏫 Help Center upgrades

Finally, our venerable Help Center has continued to get updated with links and descriptions for all the new functionality we keep adding. As of today, there is now a "Capture" section in the Help Center that maps directly to the first phase of the Idea Execution Funnel.

link📽️ What would you like to see videos made about?

There has been such an overwhelmingly positive response to Shu's video about Amplenote that we've had many people ask us when we'll be releasing more videos? Unfortunately, Shu is a pretty busy guy, and we don't have anyone in-house with a fraction of the talent or experience as he brings. However. We're currently discussing what topics we might cover in a follow up video with Shu, and we're also considering releasing a low-fi video or two created by our own team. To help get our users maximum ROI from such efforts, we're curious:

What are some common use cases that are important to your productivity (e.g., I'm a CEO that runs three businesses, so I need to juggle collaborator lists)? How has Amplenote worked for those use cases so far?

What do you know about Amplenote now that you wish you'd known when you first started?

What topics would you like us to deep dive into?

Any examples you wish you could see of Amplenote in action?

If you have ideas on what type of video content you'd like to see next, drop us a line over at reddit or in the comments below. 👋 And thanks again for helping us spread the word to your productivity-minded friends..! We're working hard to reward the trust of our early adopters.

Plot twist

Thanks for stopping by the Amplenote blog. Did you know that the content of this "blog post" is just a plain old note, lifted from the author's Amplenote notebook? Rich footnotes, industry-leading to-do lists, and a security-first mindset make us a solid option for modern writers. Try it out yourself.


Lucian said over 1 year ago

Hey there Elizabeth, good news!

Your Google Calendar events will show up on the Amplenote calendar as long as you configure your task domain to sync two-way with your Google calendar.