July 2022 Updates: iPad Drawing, natural text date recognition, lots more

It has been an action-packed couple months since our last blog post, so let's catch up on what's new in the Amplesphere.

linkWhat's new

Good news everybody, we've launched new features.

link⭐ Save frequently used sets of Note Reference filters

It's now possible to save your favorite sets of Note Reference filters in either Tasks Mode or Calendar Mode. For GTD users that tend to reuse filters, this ought to save considerable time. For Note Reference filters saved in Tasks Mode, the set is stored to your side panel Shortcuts:

Sets of Reference Filters can be saved per the help page

link📅 Natural language recognition of dates mentioned in tasks

Now, when you mention a date in a task, we'll offer options to schedule the task to your calendar, or to hide it until the time mentioned.

Mention a date, time or combination thereof: get a suggestion to start or hide

link🎨 Drawing on iPad, aka Take Handwritten Notes

It's now possible to draw on iPad. For anyone who takes notes in real life, Amplenote drawing is ideally suited to let you take ad hoc notes and then translate them to text later if desired.

Drawing demo on iPad

Regardless, the content of the notes you took via drawing pad will be indexed in search. You can see the set of drawing tools available on our new Handwriting and Drawing on iPad help page.

link🧑‍🎨 All themes now live on mobile (Pro+)

The same set of 10 themes that debuted last month for subscribers are now applied to mobile clients. ✨ We also updated the web theme picker to allow anyone to preview a theme without being a subscriber at that level, by popular request on the Discord.

The theme selector lives in the first page of Settings. Image at right shows Amplenote app themed with "Fuchsia."

link📚 Advanced Quick Open filters

There's some powerful new options behind the filter icon in Quick Open:

Tags can now be selected for inclusion or exclusion, and more categories of filter attributes are now available

link📱Reference filtering live in Task and Calendar modes on mobile

It's now possible to filter by note reference (/ inline tag) on mobile/iPad.

Given that our Inline Tags and Note Reference Filtering continues to be among our most visited pages, we expect that this functionality will be broadly adopted by the GTD enthusiasts in our ranks.

link😊 Other quality of life improvements

New release of Amplecap focused on eliminating intermittent issues with Full Page capture and repeated use of Screenshot Selection

Public profiles now sorted by those with intriguing details

Public profiles more detailed to give a better sense for which members are interesting enough to warrant a click into

Updated Chart Glimpse list of Amplenote features to include all Jiras underway (not just those that devs remember to designate), and to better demarcate when a feature has been deployed, even if the feature was developer in a subrepo

Fixed mobile Task Pane and Calendar jumping to top of list on mobile after completing item

It's now possible to capture a compound URL like https://www.amplenote.com/notes/calendar, which can include params for references=, group= and query= and have that URL opened in the appropriate mode, whether on mobile or web

linkWhat's about to be new

Features on track to be launched sometime in July 2022.

link👯 Second note pane (Pro+)

Anyone need a second note screen?

We've had design for this feature for more than a year, but after scratching and clawing its way to the top of our feature voting board repeatedly, we've now started development for the almost-300 users who have voted for this. It will be available on web to any subscribers at Pro or above by the end of July.

link🖼️ Image annotations (Pro+)

This one is due to arrive in the next couple weeks. It will mark the end of the ad hoc convention we've used for offsetting an image from text:

Instead, Pro+ subscribers will have some tasty new options to apply captions and alignment to images:

Now won't that be nice? If you happen to be the person responsible for maintaining a Help Center, Wiki, How-to Guide, online course, or blog, this update will make for a new level of polish, and one less reason to be beholden to Wordpress. ✨

linkNoteworthy videos

As a few new videos that could be worth checking out:

linkUltimate Thinking & Planning Setup: Obsidian and Amplenote's Calendar

I've been using Logseq and Obsidian for a long time. They are great thinking tools, but I find them not as great as planning tools. So as a solution, I've been using Amplenote as a companion app for task and project management. There are many great todo apps that work well with note apps like Obsidian and Logseq such as Todoist and Ticktick, but personally I find Amplenote a little better and easier to use.


linkBest iPad Note-Taking / Task / Calendar App for Students (FREE in 2022)

iPad is a great companion for students with many apps made for students such as Notability, Goodnotes, Evernote and OneNote. OneNote is now more than 20 years old. There are better options that incorporate modern technologies, like backlinks, time-blocking, and two-way calendar sync.

linkThe Ultimate Guide to GTD in 2022

Expect a comprehensive rundown of the most lucrative GTD techniques in this 19-minute video that Francesco from Keep Productive so kindly help us put together. In this video, we go over why the principles of GTD work and how to best implement the in Apmlenote.

linkWhat's next

After the "About to be new" features above, we've got several more improvements in our sights. In the next couple months, we're hoping to make progress on features like mobile share sheet for iOS/Android, an improved Quickbar Todo experience on mobile, and probably a couplefew more features from atop the leaderboard. 🤞

Plot twist

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