Richer Footnotes: tweets, sheets videos, and links to specific note sections

In our last update, we showed Rich Footnotes previewing note contents when linking into a note. For today's release, we're making Rich Footnotes richer still -- with the newly available option to embed content from Twitter, Google Sheets, or YouTube. It's also now possible for a Rich Footnote to preview a specific section within a linked note ✨. Let's run through how these new toys work.

linkRich Footnote content previews

Content previews work on top of existing Rich Footnotes. You can have tweets, Google Sheets and videos show up in your notes simply by linking to them -- no additional steps necessary.

linkAn example of embedding a tweet

Here's what it now looks like when you link to a tweet. 🐣

linkAn example of embedding a spreadsheet

Here is a link to a spreadsheet . As the owner of the sheet, you can open up the sheet permissions to also make it editable directly from the Amplenote client.

linkAn example of embedding a video

Linking to a YouTube video allows you to play it without leaving the note you're in.

linkTranscluding a specific note section

Along with the new types of content previews available, we've also updated our note linking infrastructure so that you can link to a specific section within a note that you reference:

Setting up a link to a section within a note

The easiest way to get started with it is to use the double bracket syntax ([[) and start typing in the title of the note you want to reference. Once the correct note title is selected in the suggestions dropdown, enter a # to get a list of all the sections from within that note, as shown in the screenshot above.

At that point, you can pick a section using the arrows keys and "enter" or "tab." You'll now see the contents of that note section visible in the Rich Footnote you created:

Showing the contents of a note section within a Rich Footnote

The contents of this Rich Footnote will be automatically updated when the content changes in the source note.

linkMore cool interactions

A common theme we pursue with new features is backwards compatibility. Such is the case with the improved Rich Footnotes, which will work retroactively, so all of your existing links will now show previews when linked to supported content.

Another cool detail: Rich Footnotes work on published pages, so embedded content will show up on* links too (or in the notes that you embed in your blog).

Last but not least are the benefits you can reap by combining these new features with our existing mail-to-note feature (especially for capturing content from mobile). For example, when you mail yourself a link to a Youtube video, that video will be added to a task list inside a Rich Footnote. This means that all of your mailed-to-note videos are now playable inside your notes. 🚀

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