Announcing the Supporter Feature Voting Board

Today we're debuting a new tool to help Amplenote enthusiasts steer our roadmap toward their hopes & dreams: behold the Supporter Feature Voting board. Now open to anyone logged into Amplenote.

This new voting board will live alongside our existing feature voting board, currently located at Feature Upvote. Both voting boards will contribute equally to inform our roadmap prioritization. Here's a rundown of how they compare:

Comparing the two voting boards available to Amplenote customers

And here are the initial criteria for amassing Supporter votes:

The growing list of ways to collect votes to be cast at the Supporter Feature Voting board

We expect that these initial values will adjust as we observe how this new voting board is used in practice. Like all v1 features, we consider this an ongoing experiment that we'll learn from & adapt as we gather data.

linkWhat's next?

Having launched so many exciting features in Q3, our immediate plans include reading reddit, playing Nintendo, and polishing laser kitty for a few months. Kidding. Hopefully after our most recent blog post, subtitled Six of your top-10 most-requested features live in the last two months, it's becoming apparent that "moving fast" is what makes Amplenote. With GitClear helping to sustain this dev velocity, there's a lot of latitude in how we can bend and shape the product. That's why we need to fully understand what's most important to our customers, especially the ones who are sustaining our development effort by joining as a Founder or a Booster Club member. 🙏 You are the chosen ones that we trust to author our destiny.

Take this quill in hand, Supporter, and author a destiny fitting to pass to kin

In terms of what we hope to deliver in Q4 2022, we are obviously looking at our new #1 voted feature: tables. Development on tables gets underway as of this month, and by October we expect to offer a sneak peek at our table implementation to Founders opted in to feature previews. Once tables are complete, they will be available to every subscription level. That ought to be done by the end of Q4?

Other targets in our sights for Q4 include: improved functionality for mobile Quick Task Bar; highlighted search results on web (#2 voted feature); and Quick Open for tasks (not just notes and tags). That will be a good start, but we're more than a little curious to learn what else we can do to delight the customers that help us keep the lights on.

Plot twist

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ouuuuu presents for Q4 🤤