Color external and internal calendar events

Event coloring on the Amplenote calendar is being implemented in Q2 2023. It is expected to be complete by Q3 2023. Look for this page to continue evolving as we polish the calendar color-setting experience.

linkEvent coloring from external calendars

By default, when you connect an external Google, Outlook, or Apple calendar to be synced, we will request from your calendar provider the list of colors familiar to you from your existing calendar. In most cases, these colors are used to set apart events of different types.

The color provided by Google, Microsoft or Apple is then used when displaying their events on your Amplenote calendar:

Events imported from external providers retain their background color

If you change the color on your external calendar, it will change on Amplenote whenever you next tab into the calendar.

linkEvent coloring from Amplenote-specific tasks

By Q3, Amplenote tasks will be colored based by default on the tag of the note in which the task resides. You can already set the color of any tag within Amplenote, so we recommend considering choosing a shared color for tags that share a common theme (like tags related to the same project or person).

In the event that a note belongs to a note with multiple tags, you will be able to choose the tag whose color best represents the task.

Additionally, if you prefer to manually choose a color for a task, rather than inferring it from the tag of the note, that will also soon be possible.