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About Me

A love of note-taking, note-making, and apps that make my life better.

Desired Collaborations

Best practices in choosing, using, and -- when necessary -- discarding personal knowledge management/development applications. How to use such applications to build robust, growing mental models of the world driven my curiosity.

Total Notes And Tasks

71 notes, 23 tasks

Productivity Tactics

1. Weekly previews and reviews
2. Timeblocking
3. Meditation

Long Term Goals Completed

1. Completed my PhD in Cognitive Psychology
2. Completed my MSc in Community and Regional Planning (*after* my Phd!)
3. Co-founded a consulting firm that provides data analysis, policy development, and technical assistance to government agencies that provide social services to vulnerable populations (state and federal).

Favorite City

Nagasaki, Japan

Favorite Quote

"Now would be a good time, Mr. Scott!"

How Best To Contact Me


I absolutely love the way Amplenote integrates seamlessly into my Outlook calendar. I use it to plan my weeks and my days. Amplenote makes my life smoother, more productive, and more enjoyable.

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