Member since January 2023
About Me

Software person, musician, cat wrangler, technologist, creative.

Total Notes And Tasks

300ish notes as of April 2023

Productivity Tactics

1. Break large tasks down into easily achievable parts
2. Take breaks
3. Celebrate small wins.

Long Term Goals Completed

1.) Released multiple full length albums, went on tour with a band
2.) Finished college
3.) Traveled to 3 continents

World Class

Maybe I can be the best at being perfectly okay at a lot of things.

Favorite City

Lisbon is nice. I've had good times in Montreal. I'm not sure yet if I have a favourite. I need to go to more places.

Favorite Quote

"Perfect is the enemy of the good"

It's now been a couple months since I've switched to Amplenote, and I don't think I've ever been happier with a note or todo app. It's pretty refreshing how much it has been helping me get things done. There's no other apps out there that combine tasks, notes and calendar in such a cohesive way. While I do have some nitpicks, I'd say this is about as good as you can get in 2023.

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